Motivated by heart and minds


In 1913 Edward Bullough, an aesthetion speaks of “psychic distancing” exploring Immanuel Kant’s theories that the viewer should always process a work of art with detachment. I believe when absorbing a work of art, the viewer should endeavor to achieve independent awareness placing old personal notions and associations aside. Which in turn allows each work attended to, to unfold for each viewer giving them the freedom to contemplate and resolve each piece naturally in content and aesthetic sensibility

Viewing art in these contemporary times should in fact challenge the middle-class values status quo. Art can lead or follow however should always create new meanings leading to new values with important rewards.

Real art is magical and whether at that moment or ten years from that moment it should always reveal something new and inviting. I embrace the thought of radical democracy tempered with spiritual parameters and social commitment.

My work endeavors to penetrate the complexities of contemporary life and our world culture. The images are partially abstract, plus employing recognizable metaphors that deal with man and his or her environment, their sociological dilemmas, environmental challenges, and of course universal questions.

I believe I am a process artist, meaning the work begins with a specific agenda however can change as the work progresses and unfolds. These idea seeds take many forms either formal or more spontaneous. My interest in all cases is to engage the viewer in a dialogue, whatever that may entail. In an effort most often to create compassionate understanding both through metaphorical intent and aesthetic interaction. Interaction develops through careful interplay of metaphors, symbols, emotional or dramatic color, and personally developed abstract forms. It is this interplay both intellectual and emotional that I endeavor to bring into a visual reality.

Visual art can be an awesome universal language to communicate to all people. It is my sincerest hope that contemporary artists through the purity of their intent can work in the service of humankind, to unite all peoples of all ethnic and religious beliefs into one fraternal and universal understanding. May we all endeavor to contribute to that end.